Popularity of Demeter bananas
Fruit from biodynamic farming on the rise What makes Demeter bananas so special? Demeter bananas are different from all other bananas on the market, because they stand for more than…
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Raise your voice for a GMO-free agriculture
Give your feedback to the European Commission’s consultation on new GMOs! With the publication of its working document on “new genomic techniques”, the European Commission has opened the debate again…
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Launch of EU Organic Day
Making organic farming mainstream The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission are signing today a Joint Declaration to celebrate the European Organic Day every…
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Sustainable livestock-based food systems
Horizon 2020 project PATHWAYS will develop sustainable food systems to support Europe’s Farm-to-Fork strategy Transforming Europe’s food system to meet the EU Green Deal goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral…
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End the Cage Age
Civil society backs promised EU end to cages in farming Together with civil society groups campaigning on environmental protection, public health, sustainable food and farming, rural livelihoods and citizens’ interests, we…
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Europe needs more farmers
Open letter : Europe needs more farmers International Day of Peasant Struggles – 17 April 2021 17 April marks the 25th International Day of Peasant Struggles during which we commemorate…
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