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we want to thank you for your huge interest which you showed us during BioFach 2015 (11th - 14th February), the world leading trade fair for organic products.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year!!

The Land Market and new Forms of Ownership for Organic Agriculture

The enclosed study (pdf-file) was commissioned in the summer of 2012 by the International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) based in Dornach, Switzerland and carried out against the background of a growing crisis facing the market in agricultural land.

An overview of the...

4th-7th February 2015 Agriculture Conference at Goetheanum in Switzerland

We warmly invite you to the Agriculture Conference 2015!
The contribution made by farm animals is in many ways irreplaceable. The keeping of livestock
today however is facing serious challenges. These concern firstly the ethical relationship we have

In a representative study by the market research institute Forsa concerning the most popular brand names amongst Germans, Demeter has made it into the Top 50. Demeter is on par with Coca Cola as the third most popular food...

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the new Demeter perfume

TAOASIS proudly presents the first Demeter certified perfume, a first in the world.

The Biodynamic perfume carries the Demeter trademark logo. It is also NATRUE and BDIH Cosmos certified, containing over 95% organic raw materials, and carries the vegan seal as well....

Season's Greetings!

warm wishes for the festive season from the Biodynamic Agricultural College. 

the second year of running the Principles and Practice...

Announcing a new training with a focus on developing and deepening sustainable agricultural practice with an emphasis on biodynamic and organic practice and methods, beginning at Emerson College, Sussex, UK in September 2014.

This new Level 5 Diploma offers an...

(English, German, French), 1st – 3rd of May 2014

„Nutrition – a creative process

... tracing the paths of transformation“

From 1st – 3rd of May 2014 an international conference on anthroposophic nutrition will take place at the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland). The...

Biodynamic quality certified by Demeter plays an important role in the expanding organic wine market. The Biodynamic method supports the principle of ‘terroir’ through the use of the preparations and this is clearly reflected in the flavour of the wine. Demeter wines are just...

Ask Rasmussen, a young Demeter gardener in Denmark is producing best quality

a fine example of a Demeter market garden in...